trib’s big TED Adventure

I’m attending TED@PalmSprings for the next few days. I believe it will be quite the adventure – inspiring, exciting, mind-blowing. I’ve already had the privilege of running into a few interesting people, purely by chance and the power of Twitter.

Having Dinner with Chel, Bristol, Matt and Andy was a great deal of serendipitous fun.

I’ll be doing some blogging here about TED and the experience. I’ve already begun accumulating something of a record of my activity. You can read my TED tweets here (everyone’s here) and see my photos from the event (not just the conference) here.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Very jealous of your trip. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Hopefully one day I’ll get to go to one too but for now, I guess the TEDx events will suffice. :-)

    Enjoy yourself.

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