Truly a thing of beauty – First Dog on the Moon Twitter avatars

@trib by First dog on the MoonSocial media is a strange thing, particularly when it comes to the notion of memes, those little outward-reaching, super-powered thoughts that pervade our online life. Just look at Ken Lee, Matt, the Dancing Guy, or Numa Numa, or the Star Wars Kid

Hell, look at them all!

As with all memes, sometimes, something gets a little out of hand in a good way. If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed that a fair number of the Aussies now have these odd little cartoon avatars. They’re all drawn by our favorite political cartoonist and Crikey (if you don’t read Crikey, you should) contributor, First Dog on the Moon (@firstdogonmoon).

It’s all a consequence of a minor action on Twitter itself:

I should be cleaning my office. But here is my hand knitted twitter aggregator and diy electronic whiteboard. #

That link led to a picture of a whiteboard covered in sketches of several Twitterers as imagined by First Dog. Naturally, we all begged, pleaded and bitched until we had our own First Dog avatars. You can see the results for Mark Pesce, Stilgherrian, Jo “Mediamum” White, Sean Carmody, Dekrazee1, Zuzu and others.

EDIT: More for the list – Andrew Barnett, Kate Carruthers, Pete Davis, Linda Gehard, Jinjirrie

And, as is often the case with social media involvement, First Dog is doing this for us because he wants to and because we asked nicely (mostly). Of course, there are larger consequences. First Dog built on the already substantial social capital he has in our community. People like me blog about it, introducing others who might not be familiar with First Dog to him. People start wondering where all these weird little anthropomorphic drawings came from and go looking, discovering First Dog for themselves. It’s all very self-feeding and virtuous and a living example of the power of these tools and the way we live our lives through them.

Wild prediction for 2009 – (at least in Australia) First Dog becomes the #1 Twitter cartoonist, eclipsing @gapingvoid himself, Hugh McLeod.

I’m getting a copy of mine for the office – printed, signed and framed, no question

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  1. A great write up and very accurate. First Dog has beautifully built on his solid credibility using Twitter to great effect, and dare I say plump up a few more egos. First Dog may also be the first (and not the last I reckon) to tangibly reward individuals.

    (First Dog kindly produced an avatar for me which I too will treasure. What’s even funnier is my avatar was a swipe/pisstake of Mr. Andre Rieu, so now I have something even more ironic LOL.)

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