Upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and the new K2 Beta

Now that I’m back from Christmas holidays (family, fishing, sunburn, etc.), I’ve upgraded the software running this blog to WordPress 2.0 and K2 Beta 2 r156. It’s relatively trivial, but with the fairly significant number of personalisations I’ve done it’s going to take a few days to sort out the differences between what the new code contains and what I’ve done, particulary with K2/Deviance and then with Fauna. With a new Fauna beta around the corner, I’m going to hold off reimplementing it until Joen releases Beta 2.

So, here’s my todo list for the blog:

  • make sure everything is working as it ought. Current Status: Mostly (see below);
  • explore WordPress 2.0 and get my head around it;
  • explore K2 Beta 2 and get my head around it;
  • progressively reimplement the largish list of plugins I use:
    • AdSense Deluxe
    • Brian’s Latest Comments – check
    • Extended Live Archives, which is presently pissing me off as it was working and is now borkedcheck, working now, see next post
    • Favatars – no, this one breaks RSS feeds. Go figure…
    • FeedBurner Feed Replacement – check
    • Gravatar – check
    • PHPExec – check
    • Related Posts – check
    • Subscribe to Comments – check
    • Ultimate Tag Warrior – check, although some known-bug .htaccess weirdness persists
    • Viper’s Plugins Used – check
  • play with K2 and Fauna and decide which one I want to go with (if Paul S releases a new Deviance beta rather than swanning around on college holidays, that might make the decision for me…).

Back to work Wednesday :(

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