Wandering mouse pointer – Mighty Mouse and OS X

Dear Lazyweb,

Why is it that from time to time (well, fairly often, actually) the pointer for my mouse goes randomly shooting off to the corners of the screen on my PowerBook, usually triggering Exposé, or occasionally to some other apparently random point on screen? This only seems to happen when I have my Mighty Mouse plugged in, and not with the touchpad.

While essentially non-destructive, it’s bloody annoying.

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  1. I have the same prob on my iMac ( both in OSX and ..dare I say it , XP ).

    I have found though that it may be down to me having a habit of “lifting” the mighty mouse to reposition it on the mousepad quite often ( this also annoys me as I now tend to drop files I’m dragging all over the place! ).

    Training myself for a few mins to not lift the mighty mouse seems to have cured the prob.

  2. Happens to me all the time, and it is frustrating and embarassing – especially when someone else is using the computer.

    It happened just now as I navigated this page, and no, there was no lifting of the mouse at all. It is a problem.

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