Wanted: OS X PM software. Must play nice with Microsoft Project

The time has come for me to once again mess with the mess that is Microsoft Project. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Microsoft doesn’t make Project for OS X, so here I am with no PM software. I’ve hunted about, and have come up with two seemingly viable options:

Now, they both happily suck up and play nice with Microsoft Project files, but the demos are effectively crippleware; FastTrack Schedule doesn’t save and Merlin won’t let you have a project with more than 20 lines! How am I supposed to accurately evaluate the usefulness of these things unless I can use them over several days of project plan iterations? Dumb. I’d probably be happy to fork over the US$349 for FastTrack Schedule or the €145 if, and only if I was given the opportunity to adequately evaluate them.

I’m feeling like both these companies have lost my business.

So now, readers, I’m looking for a free, open source, Microsoft Project-friendly, PM tool. Alternately, is there something out there which isn’t necessarily free, but that give me decent opportunity for evaluation without crippled functionality?

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  1. You might want to check in on the status of http://oopm.openoffice.org/. I looked at it over a year ago, and it was just getting out of the gate. I have now idea how far the work has progressed since then.

    Everybody seems to love basecamp, but it just seems too text oriented for me. I like the Gantt chart visuals.

    Good luck.

  2. dotProject looks cool, I’ll admit. And if it was my choice, I’d probably even use it. I’m a big fan of quality Open Source software. Unfortunately, this is for work, where I’m out providing consultancy services to a range of clients on behalf of my employer. Microsoft Project is the standard, I’m afraid.

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