Web Comics… a world of coolness

There are a HUGE number of web comics out there, you probably couldn’t read all the cool ones each day and keep your job. But there are a few that those of us who have jobs in the IT world should read. If like me, you’ve ended up in your career with a past that includes roleplaying games, computer games, indie music and at least a short period doing tech support, these could bring a smile to your day. In no particular order:

  • UserFriendly – Wikipedia sez, “User Friendly is an online daily comic strip about a the staff of a small, fictional internet service provider, Columbia Internet. The strip’s humor tends to be centered around technology jokes, and geek humor.”
  • Penny Arcade (especially the 8/22/05 edition) – two guys commenting on the Internet, games, music and life. Incredibly funny.
  • PvP – life inside a game development shop with lots of the sort of humor you’d expect.
  • Dork Tower – the heart of gamer geekiness.
  • MegaTokyo – two gaijin in Tokyo. B33r, hot Japanese girls, spiky robot monsters and so much more.
  • Everybody loves Eric Raymondthis will mess with your head as it messes with many of the luminaries of the Open Source movement.

You can find entries for most of them detailing their history and nature at Wikipedia.

Go on, put a smile in your day.

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