webDU – aftermath

So, webDU is over for another year. Here are my highlights:

  1. Geoff calling my wife, Alli, up at the Gala Dinner to receive a birthday present (it was her birthday, after all) and the entire crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to her;
  2. Alli again, fondling James Talbot’s impressive cyclist’s calves at the Speaker party, and then apologising to his wife for molesting her husband;
  3. Meeting Rob Rohan, founder on the CFEclipse project and his beautiful wife Kristin;
  4. Catching up, once again, with all those excellent folks I rarely get to see – shouts out to (as I remember them – in no order) Minty, Mike, Bruce, Andrew, Robin, Martin, Brian, Geoff, Emma, Rob, Mesh, Richard, Matt and anyone I forgot;
  5. Speaking for the first time, and to a group who seemed to actually get value from my talk. Thanks for attending to everyone who was there;
  6. The Adobe Intelligent Document Platform/LiveCycle (the heart of my current work) seeing the light of day at an Australian conference;
  7. Straker once again having schwag of the conference with their multitool (photo on flickr soon);
  8. Flex 2.0 (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease release the tools for OS X!)

I have a bunch of photos in the camera. I’ll upload them to flickr and put them in the webDU Conference pool tonight.

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