What inspires me to blog (and a short rant)

Laurel’s pressured me and now Lee has too! What is it with you people?

There are a number of triggers, I guess, that will get me to make those particular mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. I’ve never really thought about them clearly before now. Like Laurel and Lee, I’m pretty much on a theme here. There are occasions I drift off topic, or am tempted to put something more personal in a post, but they are very much that – occasional.

So what are my motivators? Let’s see:

  • business value for problem solving using social tools as a supporting technology – it’s about the problems, culture and practices, the tools simply make it easier
  • how business can get social tool use right, both inside the wall and across it – openness, honesty, humanity, fairness, values, equality
  • the flip side of the last point, how not to use social tools in your business – sock-puppeting, dishonesty and the like
  • social web strategy for business – folding the culture, practice and tools into your corporate DNA
  • products I use and enjoy using for some reason (not necessarily online) – if I like it, maybe you will too, and I want you to know
  • things I’ve read that I think others should – interesting, exciting, groundbreaking, stimulating

Scarily enough, like my friends (and competitors, so back off you pair!) Laurel and Lee, I’ve got to do this in such a way that it generates leads for business for me where it can. I can’t be giving away all my IP.

And now, the tangential bit… public speaking – which is akin to being with me as I blog. With pictures. And sometimes video.

Again, like Lee and Laurel, this blog generates a lot of speaking opportunities – and like Lee, I’ve about reached the end of where I’m prepared to speak gratis.

I am flattered that you think I’d add value to your event, but I have an established brand and reputation to which I attach some value. Yes, I’ll meet some new people at your thing, but I rarely generate work (have I ever?) from conferences. So, “it’s good for your business, think of the networking opportunities”. Not so much.

There are a few events I will always consider doing just for expense coverage, the organisers know who they are.

However, if you’re charging your attendees more than $1500 to attend, I think you should probably send some of that my way for the time it takes me to prepare and the work I couldn’t do in the meantime. I have even engaged a very highly regarded speakers’ bureau (thank you Mr Pesce) to help me out. If you ask me to speak and you’re running a commercial event, I’ll probably send you their way.

Here’s the math. Not including the days of distracting brainstorming I go through, a half-hour talk takes me two days to prepare. Minimum. And it scales somewhat more than linearly from there. Plus there’s rehearsal time. I need to do my talks half a dozen times at least in rehearsal before I can give you a good performance.

That’s got to be worth something, no?

3 Replies to “What inspires me to blog (and a short rant)”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I know nobody asked me, but nonetheless I need to say I blog on the same spirit (but for a different outcome)
    Making a good name for myself online is a priority, it’s my way to a proactive approach getting my name out there and building relationship with smart people – always learning from someone.
    Lucio Ribeiro

  2. What inspires people to blog, is an interesting topic. I have never really thought about it.

    Guess from a personal view it’s the desire to communicate and creatively educate and inform a community. Never really considered leveraging a blog for business purposes or the like. Mind you your blog is very topic focused, which is good.

    I can understand and agree with you on the speaking gig thing. Events that demand you pay travel and accommodation costs and don’t pay any speaker fees really do need to consider the quality of their speakers.

    In fact I know for certain that these types of over priced, over marketed, events are damaging the conferencing marketplace; as they are giving people the wrong idea on what a conference is all about. They tend to be low in numbers, high on hype, low on real deliverable content, and frankly don’t have a good overall speaker list (as you can expect, especially with the no consultants rule).

    See you in a week and a half Steve.

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