Why Google tools… or indeed, why not?

A lot of the web worker folks I know use Google’s online tools for mail, calendaring and the like, but I’ve never made the jump. I like Google’s tools and all, and know that if I used them regularly I’d be more than satisfied, but I’m so tied up in Apple Mail and iCal that I just can’t picture making the change. There are also a number of other factors that reassure me that I’m making the right choice.

Now I love Google as much as the next guy and use Google’s search and Reader every day. Given I have my MacBook Pro with me wherever I go (plus Internet access through an HSDPA modem), there’s just no compelling reason to make the switch. That said, with Vodafone pricing for wireless data at AU$49/month for 300Mb, I try NOT to jump online to things I don’t have to very often. By having my mail and calendar there on the notebook, I’ve got full access without the need to be online.

The other key factor is that most client sites I work at block access to Google and many other online applications through their own networks. While the show of hands at my recent WebJam 3 talk suggested otherwise, this is a fact of life when working in the corporate world and particularly when working for government.

Overall, I think it’s a factor of both being used to the non-Google tools, and the censorship that occurs on many of my client’s sites. If I wasn’t restricted, I’d probably tend to lug my MacBook Pro around a whole lot less. As it is, it’s critical for me to bring it with me daily and have that access to everything.

Am I missing something?

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