Why we do it

Back when I first wrote The ACME Guide, it was for me and the development crew I was working with at the time. At some point it grew to what it is today – the rewritten once a year comprehensive guide to getting your development environment set up with Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse.

I publish it for free because it’s a labor of love and I think the CF development community that has helped me so much over the years deserves a little back in return. Every now and again, somebody sends me a small gift from my Amazon Wishlist as an acknowledgment of my work.

Then you get stuff like I got today, that makes the whole thing an order of magnitude all the more worthwhile. Shawn Gibson, a Canadian developer had this to say in a comment over here:

I just want to say I owe you a great debt. I’ve spent probably 25 years (I ‘poked’ data in a VIC-20… always to no avail, when I was 12… and thus began my plight into data darkness) and I’ve NEVER found a way to make data something I can comprehend…
I made a database in your installation in literally 5 minutes…
You may have just solved, or gone a GREAT length to helping me solve, what has been the biggest and most frustrating thorn in my side for the last 25 years, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. It’s definitely Christmas here… thanks to you. A unified environment front-to-back is something I’ve always dreamed of… with much of the data handling taken care of, to a certain extent.

Shawn actually had quite a bit to say in his comment, and frankly it makes me proud of the work I’ve done for it to be so useful to people. Shawn (and anyone else out there who finds The ACME Guide useful), you are more than welcome!

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