WordPress kick up the arse

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Some patched files were released via this thread on the WordPress Support Forums. Scroll down to the 10th post, from Ryan. Download the patches. Install them. They have fixed ELA for me, however, UTW is still an issue. I can live with it for the time being…

I’m pretty pissed with WordPress (the organisation) at the moment. There are several known, significant (and progressively affecting more people) bugs with WordPress 2 which are making my life a misery.

In particular, I’m suffering from two bugs which affect Ultimate Tag Warrior and Extended Live Archives respectively:

  • the UTW bug means that unless you use the default (non-search engine friendly) format for URIs, tag-based listings are stuffed. So for the time being I’m stuck with, for example http://www.stephencollins.org/?p=128 as my URI style, rather than my preference, which would be some thing like http://www.stephencollins.org/i-passed/
    It’s all apparently to do with WordPress’ mind-boggling decision to completely rewrite (somehow) Apache mod-rewrite within WordPress itself. So, rather than continuing to use a known, proven piece of technology, they’ve implemented a buggy replacement which is affecting a significant number of users (but not all).
  • the ELA bug is worse… And it appears to affect a lot of people if you read the ELA support forum on Flickr. This bug, which seems to have its root in the Apache mod-rewrite madness also (maybe… probably… who knows…) completely borks ELA, so that your live archive is non-existent. It’s just dead.
    Wierdest of all is that on my initial reinstall of ELA when I upgraded to WP2, the whole bloody thing worked a treat for about an hour… Then it simply wandered off into the ether. F#@k!

Frankly I’m pretty pissed – one, that I’m affected by both these bugs, which didn’t manifest on my initial upgrade, and two, that WordPress seems to be pretty silent on the whole matter rather than at least being sympathetic and reassuring the user community that fixes are on the way.
I can’t downgrade as the WP2 database structure is significantly different to the WP 1.5.x structure and I threw away my backup when everything seemed to work. F#@k again!

I really hope WordPress get their finger out soon and do something about this, as it is affecting a lot of users and they are likely to lose them to some of the other platforms. Also, I’d just like my blog to work the way I want it to – friendly URIs and a nice, functional live archive…

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  1. I have something I’d like you to do, to help me figure out what’s going on with the rewriting stuff.

    Could you try putting this block of code in your footer (or wherever, really)

    global $wp_rewrite;
    $rewrite = $wp_rewrite->rewrite_rules();

    And let me know what it comes back with? (Basically, I’m just wanting to see if my rules follow the same pattern as the other rules).. Emailling me at the address I’ve commented with is a pretty good way of getting the results to me.

  2. I too have been having this wonderful problem. No matter what I do it just fails.
    I’m certain that during my last upgrade the rewite rules for tags went a bit screwy and I modified the htaccess manually and it worked. Problem is I can’t for the life of me remember what I did!
    However I’ve tried the fix from Ryan and unfortunately it has still not worked for me.

  3. Christine,

    I am taker for any fix you’ll find on this : I have been experimenting with ELA for days without being able to reproduce the issue on my localhost so far.


    I am taker of exactly what Christine asked as well !

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